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Bollywood has always been the central attraction of the people of the sub-continent which has continuously come up with brilliant films in the past. Right now, it is safe to say that Bollywood is charged up with a battery of awesome movies and sublime songs. It is also being dominated by a few consistent actors and actresses who have performed extraordinarily, helping their movies to excel in the box office.

As well as outstanding acting bollywood produces some talented music stars.

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Bollywood movies are always incomplete without the songs. Presently, it can be seen that the hit songs are playing an important part in making the film successful. The latest Bollywood films feature some marvelous songs which unequivocally augments their overall attraction. The most popular Bollywood film-song film right now is ‘Tere Bin’ by Pakistani singer Atif Aslam. Although part of a movie which has been labeled as a flop (Bas Ek Pal), this song has become a smash hit thanks to the uncanny yet heart-wrenching voice by Atif who previously, shook the industry with songs like ‘Lamhe’ and ‘Aadat’. The remix version is also passable, not as good as the Lamhe remix though.

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Another Bollywood song that is causing a stir is 'Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai' from the movie 'Who Lamhe'. This delightful romantic song by KK features a simple yet impressive lyric, which makes the song lovable to everybody. The music video for the song was also really good which simply adds to the song's flavor. Another sizzling hit song is 'Afsana Bana ke' from the movie 'Dil Diya Hai' featuring Himesh Reshammiya, the singer on a roll. Although identical to the smash hit 'Ashiq Banaya Apne', this song successfully captures the Sufi style creating a sense of sentiments in the process. In addition, the on-screen presence of Emran Hashmi increases the song's appeal to say the least.

Bollywood Actresses become International Stars like Aishwarya Rai

Bollywood is seeing some very bright new stars on the horizon. The brightest of them is undoubtedly Roshan ‘Shiny’ Ahuja. The actor got his big break in ‘Gangster’, a superb film by Anurag Basu where he portrayed a gangster who is deceived by his love. The outstanding performance did not go un-noticed and shortly, he was cast in ‘Woh Lamhe’ where he is also expected to deliver a stellar performance. Kangana Ranaut, the on-screen love interest of Ahuja, is actually another performer who seems have a blast lately. After the breakthrough performance in ‘Gangster’, Kangana is now seeking to soar higher with her portrayal of the famous actress ‘Parveen Bobi’ in ‘Woh Lamhe’.
With the above being said, it should not be an exaggeration to opine that Bollywood is definitely alive this year with the amalgamation of brilliant directing and performance.

Shilpa Shetty abuse allegations within Celebrity Big Brother

The bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2007 has become an international star due to recent media attention. The controversy surrounding allegations of abuse against Shilpa Shetty in the big brother house increased the publics interest in the bollywood star.

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